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the home of oakland mayor after a resident blows the whistle and calls her the queen of blight. good evening everyone i'm frank summerville >> and i'm julie hainer. the mayor of oakland had a gardner after a resident complained she failed to clear brush from her overgrown property. amber lee is live at oakland city hall on a controversy that comes one month before 20th anniversary of the east bay hills firestorm >> reporter: an irate homeowner gave us these foe toss. they show the unsafe and unkempt condition of the mayor's home. we wanted to look for ourselves. around 6:30 tonight we spotted gardner cook clipping the vegetation at the mayor's home. he told us the mayor's daughter contacted him last night. >> got a text last night.
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>> what did it say. >> i have problems can you take care of it a zap. >> reporter: thick vegetation obscure the mayor's home. a fire official went door-to- door back in august and vivid residents they had two weeks to clear veg station around their homes. >> the trees need to be trimmed away from the house. they can't be touching the physical house. >> this house belongs to jean quan. i nome mate her as the queen of residential blight. >> reporter: he went before city council and complained the city is selectively enforcing violations. the photos show overgrown vegetation and broken planning on a deck and roof in need of repair. platt says the mayor has been given special treatment. >> this is the view from the neighbor's yard looking at her jungle. this demonstrates how the enforcement is selective and
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not applied fairly throughout the city of oakland. >> pictures can be misleading. >> reporter: the mayor's assistant told us quan was unavailable tonight but the mayor's home passed a fire code inspection the august. >> if she's out of compliance just like anyone else she will put her property back in compliance. >> reporter: some neighbors describe her property as disgrace full year after year and say she only cleans up after fire inspectors come around. live in oakland amber lee can it have you channel 2 news. we have new video of a shooting on a street and police need help finding the men involved. pa lay 0 police sent us this surveillance video. watch what happens it was recorded shortly before 11:00 this morning. you can see two men fighting and one point the black man who has a gun starts firing at the white man. it doesn't appear that anyone was wounded but police hope someone will recognize the men and call investigators. you can get another look at
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this video on our web site, just look for the video player on the front page and later this hour ktvu will investigate pa lay 0's finances where the city stands as it emerges from bankruptcy. 8 to $10 million. >> that's the estimated value of marijuana plants that marin county sheriffs seized in a pot farm raid. authorities found 7,000 plants near hicks mountain in west marin off of point rays. ranchers there are concerned. >> reporter: scenic wide open spaces it's one of the reasons so many people enjoy visiting rural marin county. it's also becoming a big draw for illegal pot farmers. these pictures were taken by the marin county sheriff's office during a pot raid near cascio reservoir. a rancher called in the marijuana grow after two deer hunters stumped across it has week. these pot farms are often protected by armed guards but
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in this case the people tending the pot plants weren't around. >> we run the fear of walking into one of these grow operations and heaven forbidden counts one of these suspects, illegal pot farms are spreading across the straight in rural areas. in this case she was officials say the growers even tapped into the ranch's water and power supply. now other ranchers contacting authorities with concerns there might be pot farms on their land. a mexican drug cartel might be responsible. >> we know there are people who are brought into the area throughout northern california specifically to tender and grow these gardens. >> reporter: another concern is the environmental hazard from the pot farms. the raid yesterday took place near the cascio reservoir a popular fishing spot and source of drinking water. >> they leave fertilizers behind pesticides behind.sons they use to products their
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plants. once they are done they leave all that behind. >> reporter: officials say they are working to identify those responsible for the illegal grows without getting specific they hinted that federal authorities could be close to finding at least some of those people and making arrests. live in marin county ken wayne asked ktvu channel 2 institution. the man accused of kidnapping and killing a campbell woman appeared in court. santa clara county da charged 33-year-old paul castillo with murder. he sobbed in court during his arraignment in san jose. he's scheduled to enter a plea on october 5th. castillo's attorney spoke outside the courthouse about his client's emotional state. >> i've spoken to him briefly at the psychiatric i can unit in the jail. he was crying uncontrollably that was the case here in the courtroom today. he's on a 15 minute suicide watch. >> castillo is accused of shoting a man at a san jose a man at and kidnapping and
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killing 60-year-old cindy nguyen. they have identified two additional suspects. miss arrested 43-year-old diana figueroa and their looking for 36-year-old juan de la cerda. investigators say they believe the two are connected with the treehouse marijuana collective and that the dispensary played a role in forecast tee 0 to he hide police. we have learned information haywood police searched the area in niles canyon but they used rescue dogs not cadaver dogs during that sweep which may explain why they didn't find lee's body. in a news conference the woman who did find the remains says it was her search dog that quickly ran off and then came back to her excited. >> i then followed her when she came into my view i noticed she stopped by a flat area and was waiting patiently for me. i could see the search team 300 yards to my left.
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i was a bit confused she had not joined them. >> carey ma gone gough got involved in searches her daughter amber vanished and her body wasn't found for a year. thousands of nurses are set to walk off the job first thing tomorrow. eric r the issues that triggered this planned one day strike. >> reporter: from sutter hospital in the east bay to children's hospital in oakland too kaiser in the city and beyond 23,000 nurses are expected to go on vik tomorrow leaving patients and their families with big questions. >> i believe in supporting each other but right now my mom's in the hospital. she's in emergency and she's elderly. i want to know what kind of affect is that going to have on her. >> reporter: nurses trying to work out a new deal with sutter healthment the company wants to restrict their ability to abdicate for patients. >> can you imagine the risky could pose to pregnant women and their children if i were
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ill? i mean, it's really frightening to me. >> reporter: this nurse didn't want to show her face on camera for fear of retaliation. she disputes a contention by the hospital that a full time nurse can earn up to $136,000 a year. >> if we don't stand together now, we will lose what we have now. >> reporter: kaiser nurses have a contract but they are joining the strike in sympathy for other union workers. kaiser says no one will be turned away but it's going case- by-case to lighten thursday's workload in the operating room. >> patients that would require to stay longer and perhaps be here on strike day we've rescheduled some of those patients. >> reporter: in a written statement the chief nursing officer at children's hospital called the union's quote attempt to disrupt health services for the children and families and communities throughout the state irresponsible and thoughtless. nurses insist this strike is a last resort but you can see from the thousands of picket signs they are prepared for a major show of force tomorrow. in oakland eric r ktvu channel
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2 news. and we have posted the complete list of affected hospitals at to find the link scroll down the front page and look under the right now section. palo alto hewlett-packard is considering making a change at the top. hp may oust ceo who took the jobless than a year ago. in his place hp directors may appoint meg whitman former ebay ceo. hp's stock has fallen 47% and needless to say shareholders are not happy. one of google's top bosses defend his company on capitol hilda. >> we don't trap our users. if you don't like the answer google search provides you can switch to another engine with literally one click. >> lawmakers questioned executive chairman eric schmidt about whether google search ranks harm its competitors by favoring its own services.
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representatives from pay area companies told the judiciary subcommittee on anti-trust that google is blocking them out. they process 2 of every 3 searches in the u. s. schmidt asked to ensure the investigation of google is fair and focused. stocks fell sharply after the federal reserve suggested a full economic recovery is likely years away. the dow industrials plunged 283 points. the nasdaq dropped 52. those are losses of more than 2%. there's a lot of fog moving inland. though bounded into the arms of family. what's next for two americans freed by iran and what it took to get them released. at 10:30 frustration today with the changing pace of facebook. what's behind it and more changes tomorrow.
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. it was a moment they have been waiting for after more than 2 years in custody in iran shane bauer and josh fattal ran into the arms of loved ones. heather holmes is in our newsroom with the first words we heard from those freed americans. >> reporter: it certainly has been quite a day frank. shane and josh are spending the night with family in a tiny persian gulf nation that played
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a pivotal role in their release. when the plane touched down in that country finally long awaited joy for them and their families. the university graduates raced to freedom sprinting down the plane steps and into the arms of their loved ones. shane embracing his fiance' sarah shourd released from an iranian prison last year. josh clinging to his mother and brother. it has been a painful process as the families abdicateed tirelessly for iran to release the two friends detained on espionage charges since july 2009. >> two years in prison is too long. we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> reporter: the two were hiking in iraq when they accidentally crossed the border into iran. last month they were convicted of spying and sentenced to 8 additional years.
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>> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. our deepest gratitude goes towards his majesty sultan today boos of i i man to obtain our release. >> reporter: their families released a statement saying today can only be described as the best day of our lives. >> i'm about as happy as you can get. >> reporter: josh's uncle in seattle was elated at iran's decision. the release comes on the eve of president mahmoud ahmadinejad address to the united nations general assembly in new york. while analysts believe the release is an effort to improve tehran's image the men's families are great full. >> we need to sort of put this behind us because it has been more than i wish on anybody. >> reporter: josh's uncle adds tonight he has a cabin on the san juan islands.
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heather holmes ktvu channel 2 news. more details now from the family statement it went on to say quote we now all want nothing more than to wrap shane and josh in our arms, catch up on two lost years and make a new beginning for them and for all of us. the two men and their families are expected to spend a few days in i am an before deciding their next step the country has ties to iran and the u. s. in a statement they hoped the release would lead to better ties between the u. s. and iran. >> wonderful news. we are thrilled. i could not feel better for their families. it's a wonderful day for them and for us. >> the release came just a few minutes before president obama addressed the united nations general assembly. it's not clear if that was deliberate or coincidental. in his speech president obama warned iran not to build nuclear weapons. shane bauer's co-workers at new
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american media in san francisco were thrilled today with the release of the two men. one friend told us he is sure they will want to breathe some fresh air and he wants to share that with him. >> after two years in solitary confinement i'm sure they are going to want to get outside go for a hike in the east bay hills. >> the executive director of numeric media says she expects the past two years didn't dampen bauer's passion for journalism and the middle east. she hopes he'll be back on the job after well deserved rest. as those hikers head home stay with ktvu with continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest developments. police are looking for those responsible for a mid- morning double shooting near children's hospital that killed one plan and left another fighting for his life. the shooting happened around 11:00 a.m. on 52nd street near west street. that's about a block .5 from the hospital. not clear if the victims were in a car or on the street when the shooting happened. children's hospital was in
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lockdown for about 15 minutes following the shooting as a precaution. at this point police have not made any arrests or leased any information about possible suspects. in richmond police are treating the death of a restaurant employee as a homicide. 30-year-old was found inside a bathroom at angie's bakery and restaurant last night. the owner is the one who found her body. police say they are focusing on a former boyfriend of the victim. they say a domestic dispute may be a possible motive. a high profile execution took place tonight in georgia about two hours ago the state executed troy davis a man convicted of killing an off duty police officer. protestors gathered outside the prison where davis was executed 4 hours later than scheduled. davis asked the supreme court to stay the execution. it did not. before dying davis maintained his innocence saying he did not have a gun and did not kill officer mark mcfail 22 years ago. then he asked god to bless the
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souls of those who were taking his life. in san francisco today people gathered to call for the halt of his execution. former sanquin ton warden attended. many at today's rally said there are too many questions about davis' conviction. 7 of 9 prosecution witnesses have now recanted their testimony. >> this case is a representation a man who could possibly be innocent who is on the row through circumstantial evidence has fallen apart has brought him to this point. >> tonight following the execution, the mother of slain officer mcfail said justice had been served. in texas one of three men convicted in the 1998 dragging death of a black man was executed this evening. wide supremacist gang member lawrence brewer was executed for killing james byrd, jr. he was chained to the back of a
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pickup truck and pulled to his death. brewer said he was not responsible for killing byrd but he was willing to day and he considered it a good way to go out. when he was asked tonight if he had any final words he said no. pg&e workers are re- lighting pilot lights in downtown san francisco after a construction crew ruptured a 10- inch natural gasoline. the accident happened at the intersection of post and mason streets. one office building was evacuated as a precaution. post and mason will close in the area for about 2 hours. pg&e repaired the line and had the gas back on by 6:30 this evening. a pilot whose small plane crashed this morning was able to free himself moments before the plane burst into flames. tonight much of the twin-engine piper aztec is a twisted and charred pile of metal. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. the pilot is at a hospital in reno with serious injuries. one witness said he looked to
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be in surprisingly good shape considering what happened. it was another hot one today but things have changed. the fog has come back and there is a lot of it at the coast right now it's pushing into the inland bay neighborhoods. that will have a profound affect on daytime highs tomorrow. you can see the golden gate bridge is thickening up. that means the inversion is expanded that means there's no spare the air. we're going to see a continued cooling of daytime highs. ties tomorrow are going to come down around the cold front and around the bay oakland in the 70s. san francisco in the upper 60s. the cool, the hotspots 99 those will be down to the mid-90s. tomorrow will be cooler and further cooler in the weekend. i'll see you back here at 10:45. cocktail fans will soon have new flavors to choose from. governor brown ends the states ban on infused cocktails.
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the practice was restricted due to a post prohibition law. estimated 50% of restaurants in the bay area served infused beverages. plans for a new business sparking controversy. why it's the kind of business applying to take over a vacant storefront some are opposed to. and apple's next big launch appears to be just around the corner when we could see an unveiling of apple's next iphone. ?
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. the oakland planning commission tonight gave unanimous approval for a sex toy business to open shop. as janet c reports the 5 to 0 vote in favor of that new business came despite community opposition. >> reporter: the lakeshore shopping district is one of oakland's retail gems attracting many shoppers and
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families. this spot at 3217 lakeshore is where good vibrations wants to open its newest store. >> i feel like why not. a variety. some shops here don't always stay. so, maybe that one would, they have one store in berkeley with three in san francisco indicating mostly to women and couples. >> it sells adult oriented toys, books and other materials as well as offers health and education programs. some oakland residents say they have concerns not just about good violations but if that store leaves another adult entertainment business could take over the permit. >> there are a lot of children that don't want to give children that kind of example. >> being a parent i have do have reservations but i also recognize it's a great store and they have some great things. >> i don't know if this is the right location for good vibration sex store. there's lots of other places even in the neighborhood that might be a better spot than right here. >> reporter: the planning director said the site is more than 500 feet from schools
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hospitals and senior centers and there would be strict conditions. no merchandise allowed within 10 feet of the entrance and requirement that windows be partly clear with tasteful displays showing no adult sex products. the planning commission's decision can be appealed within 10 days to the city council if someone wants to pay a fee of more than $1,000. in oakland janet k channel 2 news. the chancellor of uc davis is proposing a major increase in the size of a school student body herman calls for expanding the undergraduate population from 25,000 to 30,000. the increase would take place over the next five years. the expansion was announced today during the university's annual back to school convocation by increasing enrollment they hope to make up for cuts in state funding. there is speculation when apple will release its newest iphone. the wall street journal's blog is reporting that apple will unveil the iphone 5 in two weeks on october 4th.
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the blog cites unnamed sources close to april many say it will go on sale shortly after the unveiling. apple did not respond to questions about the phone's release date. fortune magazine came out with the annual list of 400 richest american and once again bill gates is on top. we found 47 bay area residents are on the list among the top 103 live in palo alto and attar ton. two woodside. larry ellison who is third on the list and one each lives in san francisco, hillsborough, burlingame and los altos. . facebook has a new look. we'll tell you why business analysts say it had to be done. a piece of space junk hurtling toward earth the late update we got from nasa and where it may be headed.
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. facebook has just unveiled a whole new look a lot of users are fed up with the web site's changing face. >> reporter: i'm at facebook's headquarters in palo alto where no one is talking to us about the changes made to users home pages. using facebook's own terminology a lot of people seem to dislike what's been done. facebook 750 million users are finding overnight the site looks different. >> i see a new changing on facebook home page and it's really confusing for me. >> i hate it. i'm on several times a day. what happens when they change things i have to get used to it all over again. >> reporter: others say they will adapt. they like the changes. >> it's free service. it's not -- you're not paying money there's no contractual obligation. >> this is a null. >> reporter: larry is a
10:30 pm
technology analyst. >> they are in a tough position if they standstill they die if they move too fast they are in trouble. >> reporter: google has its own social networking site called google plus which already has 20 million users. >> it's a real competitor to facebook. facebook knows they have got to keep insome no separateing they definitely be complacent they can't anger their customers but they also can't bore their customers, there's another segment saying why am i spending all this time on facebook. >> because i don't really use facebook. >> with all these things it's more important to get together with people in your own home and have these kind of interactions as opposed to being online all the time. >> reporter: still facebook remains the world's largest online social network. and more changes are expected to be announced tomorrow at a developers conference in san francisco. live in palo alto lloyd lacuesta.
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16-dollar muffins are the new symbol of government waste audit of department of justice found taxpayer money was wasted at 10 law enforcement conferences including one at the san francisco hilton. it happened during the george w. bush and the obama a administration. the audit also found coffee more than $8 a cup cookies and brownies at $10 apiece and we dish meatballs for five dollars each. the white house ordered a review of spending. president obama's approval ratings are dropping. but they are still looking to the president to fix the economy. a public policy of california pom released found 48% of likely california voters trust president obama to make the right decisions about the nation's economy. 33% favored congressional republicans. the poll also asked likely voters if they think the president's economic policies are working. 37% say they think his policies have made economic conditions worse. 27% say they have made
10:32 pm
conditions better and 31% say his policies have had no affect at all. san francisco police tell ktvu no one has come forward to help their investigation into a shootout that wounded a 5-year- old girl. detectives are hoping security cameras along 3rd street will help them identify the men in yesterday's shooting. the girl was walking home from school with her dad when police say she was hit by a stray bullet. a spokeswoman at san francisco general hospital says the girl is recovering from surgery on her knee. a nasa satellite is falling toward earth and is expected to hit possibly as early as tomorrow afternoon. rob roth tells us what the odds are of someone getting hit and what nasa said late today about the chances it will fall somewhere in north america. >> reporter: chicken little may be on to something after all. scientists say an old sat late weighing about 13,000 pounds is about to fall from the sky most likely sometime friday afternoon. nobody knows for sure yet where
10:33 pm
it lands but nasa doesn't expect it to fall in north america. most of the satellite is expected to burn up, but about 26 pieces weighing about 300 pounds each are expected to crash land. >> big passes of stainless steel chunks of metal those were all separate. >> reporter: the upper atmosphere research satellite was launched into space 20 years ago to study ozone deplease now it's space junk. you can track its orbit on the enter tonight. late this afternoon this satellite was passing over the atlantic near bermuda. >> it reminds us there's a lot of young up in space. every once in a while one of these does come down. >> reporter: earlier today before nasa eliminated north america as a possible landing spot people we spoke with weren't concerned about falling debris. >> no. i'm not worried. what are the chances. >> reporter: nasa handy caps the chances of someone getting plunged at one in 3200 and it
10:34 pm
hopes to better pinpoint where and when this latest piece of space junk will fall by tomorrow. rob roth ktvu sank channel 2 news. a petition with more than 2400 signatures is now being sent to u. s. senator dianne feinstein and other lawmakers. the hope is that most of a .32 million dollar request to put a new skin on the historic hangar will remain in next year's federal budget. state agricultural officials say potentially fatal horse virus has reached the bay area. department of food and agriculture confirmed several horses in sonoma san joaquin counties have tested positive for the equine her piece virus. it can lead to respiratory illness neurology cal problems and paralysis. it cannot be trans minuteed to humans. there is a remarkable update tonight about brian stowe the injured giants fan.
10:35 pm
the family's web site says stowe was able to say his name today and the names of his son and daughter as well as his birthday. he also asked to see pictures of his children. the stowe family also said after a filter was removed that's designed to catch blood clots some clots appeared. doctors are trying to figure out how to treat them. new concerns being raised about a chemical that's found in canned food. why some fear it may be toxic to children. . back here in 10 minutes with your temperature forecast for thursday and they are coming down. it's going to be cooler at your house tomorrow. plus whipping winds and pounding rain, the bit of good news to come from a punishing typhoon hitting japan. [ male announcer ] when you come to new york from a place like detroit, no one expects you to influence the world of fashion. but when you grew up surrounded by rock 'n' roll and heavy industry, you just might make a name for yourself. ♪
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. a new study raises concerns tonight about a chemical linked to cancer that is turning up in foods marketed to children. the breast cancer fund says it conducted a study and found bp a in six products of canned foods. the came cam is used to make the resin lines the cans. >> concerning to us that these are products marketed directly to kids that contain a chemical that's been linked in laboratory studies to later breast cancer neurological problems. >> the fda has called for more research on bp a saying it has quote some concern about the
10:39 pm
potential effects of bp a on the brain behavior and prostate demand of fetuses infants and children but the fda has not set limits for the chemical. a 14-year-old boy has apparently committed suicide. he was found dead on monday outside his buffalo new york home. his mother said his son was bullied at school and online. it gets better is an internet video site where adults hopeful messages with teens. she wants to carry on her son's work standing up for bullied teenagers. in news of the world a powerful typhoon slammed into japan's south and central coast bringing high winds and 17 inches of rain at least 16 people are either dead or missing. if there is any good news here it's that the typhoon did not make a direct hit on the damaged fukushima power plant.
10:40 pm
it was feared it would cause radioactive water to lead out. drug violence have rocked the city in veracruz. 35 bodies bounds and tortured were dumped on a busy road during rush hour. most of the victims had drug convictions and were linked to the say today drug cartel. 12 of the victims were women. in london today the founder of wikileaks condemned the release of some of the drafts of his memoir without his approval. the unauthorized biography going on sale tomorrow. he was supposed to be given the chance to make corrections. the islamic center near ground zero that was the focus of so much controversy opened today in new york city. it's welcoming all faiths and will include a 9/11 memorial. the developer said they made mistakes, but none greater than not involving the families
10:41 pm
of the 9/11 victims. it's the end of an era. the rock bands rem is calling it quits. the group announced it's breaking up after 31 years together. the bands had a number of hit albums including out of time and automatic for the people. base player make mills says there was no falling out and that there are no lawyers squaring off. he says they made the decision together and that the time just feels right. rem released its final album 6 months ago. the fog is back how that will impact temperatures bill's complete forecast is coming up in 6 minutes. plus a new chapter for a struggling city. the big challenge as it emerges from bankruptcy. must a ride of her life. how one woman satisfied a life- long wish at infineon raceway. look! here she comes!
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. it was 3 years ago that the city of vallejo made headlines when it declared bankruptcy but now the city is coming out of that bankruptcy and a lot has changed. not all of it for the better. in tonight's special report ktvu claw dean wong looks at vallejo then and now. >> reporter: drive through downtown vallejo you will find quiet streets. times have been duff so tough some residents almost gave up. >> debating whether to sell my house and get out. >> reporter: vallejo finds itself at the end of chapter 9. the bankruptcy process is complete. >> is there someone to blame? >> i'm not in the blame game. >> reporter: city manager phil bachelor is essentially a hired gun brought in for one year to get vallejo on the right track. >> it's quite startling to see how few people they have. >> reporter: since vallejo filed for bankruptcy in may of 2008 staffing in the fire department has dropped from 121
10:45 pm
to 68. a 44% decrease. police have been hit harder, officers have dropped from 155 to 90. nonforeign staff such as 911 best patchers have has gone from 73 to 32. here's a look at what bankruptcy really meant for the city by the numbers. the city owed two main groups first unsecured creditors city employees and retirees. that group made about 41 million in claims. and then it owed security creditors primarily union bank which made a $48.6 million claim. when all was said and done the city paid a fraction to each. 6million to current and retired city workers and 25.8 million to union bank. so out of 85.6 in claims, the city paid 31.8 and saved a little more than $57 million. but don't forget getting all that done cost about 11.6
10:46 pm
million more in lawyer fees. but it's not just the money bachelor is worried about. >> there was a lot of anger and resentment. people were feeling personally vilified. it's what the city council has asked me to work on since i've been here is the number one priority is changing that culture. >> has it gotten any better? in. >> yes it's gotten better but it's slow. >> reporter: recovery will be too because the city still needs revenue and the recession isn't making that easier. and the city just passed its first post bankruptcy budget. even though the general fund of 65 million is about 20 million less than it was 3 years ago, bachelor calls it stable and sustainable. >> when we look around and we see cities everywhere else laying people off we're not. and we went to the city. >> can you imagine laying one more person at this point? >> no. >> reporter: but he can't imagine hiring. this station closed its doors
10:47 pm
in the summer of 2010, but now the city says it has enough money to reopen it. right now the city of vallejo is hiring. the city had to get creative using grant money for 5 to 9 new firefighters. three officers have also been hired the same way but new state numbers have crime at a new low and the chamber says this city is coming together. >> groups that have come up to protect their neighborhoods, to make sure that the streets are clean, they just are really stepping up. >> a lot of people are just starting and we're coming out. >> sounds like you have hope. >> i have a lot of hope. >> oh, yeah we're coming back. >> reporter: so as this chapter closes there is hope, hope that lessons have been learned, hope that even in tough times the city once so deeply divided is figuring out how to finally move forward together. in vallejo claw dean wong ktvu. they are sounding the alarm on measles saying they
10:48 pm
are seeing more than in 10 years. they have seen 28 cases so far this year. majority of those affected had not had vaccines. 16 had recently traveled overseas. there have been recent outbreaks of measles in europe and southeast asia. the fog is pushing back in right now. you know it's going to be cooler tomorrow. live storm tracker 2 will check its progress. you can see it shooting across the bay. winds out of the west southwest that's basically represented by the arrow gust to 8 it at the golden gate bridge. alameda gusting to 6. just a 13 miles an hour winds. those are live readings east side of the bay bridge. winds are coming up it's certainly going to be cooler tomorrow based on what you saw this evening out there along the coast. more fog tonight. as that fog pushes inland it's going to put a damper on those overnight lows. some of those overnight lows in the 60s. >> tomorrow morning it will be
10:49 pm
cool. good 3 to 6 degrees of cooling tomorrow. and that is the beginning. we talked about temperatures have been pretty warm now we're on the way down. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow, highs on saturday, everybody is coming down. look how much the drop is to sunday. sunday we're going to lose a bunch of degrees as well. look at these drops. by the end of the weekend, which by then will be officially fall, we're looking at temperature drops that are pretty significant. it's going to feel like fall. certainly as we get into saturday and sunday. dense fog near the coast. low visibility, perhaps as low as a quarter mile. we have dense fog advisory in monterey bay. that could happen. so tomorrow it's going to be pretty warm inland cooler on the coast as we go into the bay area weekend this low pressure center does what it's been doing all summer bump south temperatures drop south as well. the one thing with this as days get shorter, this system coming in looks like it could produce some of the models suggesting a bit of shower activity for the
10:50 pm
bay area sunday afternoon. so we'll watch that. it's been two model runs produce that more than 2 actually but two consistently. we'll watch it for you right now the computer model does this with it go into friday, saturday and you see it kind of tweak through there. that's the latest model we pushed it through. but it puts some showers in our area. >> that's one of the reason the drape growers want to get their grapes picked. they don't want to get rain on their grape. they definitely want to get that going before the crush. they don't want rain on those. >> 93 morgan hill 92 gilroy. forecast highs five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. there you go. hits going to cool down. it's fall almost by friday it's going to feel like fall as you get into the weekend definitely. >> thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. new at 10:00 tonight it is the ride she waited 85 years
10:51 pm
for. raceway send us this footage of lillian racing down the drag strip on her 85th birthday her grandson didn't think she could reach 77 miles an hour in hereford focus. guess what lillian, you go. happy birthday. awesome. >> that's great. up next you're looking for a really big job, how about running the coliseum and the arena. ev, to slow us down.
10:52 pm
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. how would you like to operate the coliseum complex in oakland. well the job is being opened up to competition. the coliseum joint powers authority has scheduled a meeting for friday. companies that want to run the day-to-day operations can smith proposals. the joint powers authority is expected to take 60 days to consider them. the complex includes the stadium and the arena. joe's in for mark tonight i guess the giants have any help making the playoffs they have to win every game. >> pretty much we're going to preface this on the fact we think the giants are going to win they are holding on to with a lead. the dodgers are trying their best to diehard. dodgers stadium in the first
10:55 pm
inning. brettbrandon belt shades in ahead of the throw 3-giants. mark 5-0 giants. ryan vogel song was cruising you allowed four runs in the fifth. giants summoned up more offense. christian knocked another run in the 6th. andres torres comes all the way around from first to make it 7- 4. they go on to take an 8-4 lead now the dodgers have scored one in the 9th. so it's 8-5. la had two on and two out. in the nl west giants are almost done. miguel montero hit this two-run blast off the pirates. diamond hanging on to win 8-5. san francisco will be 5.5 games back if it continue to win. the wild card situation isn't
10:56 pm
quite as bleak. mike stanton at second for the marlins gabby sanchez hits one in the gap. marlins beat the braves 4-0. the giants westbound 03.5 behind at that the wild card two behind the cardinals who won tonight again if they go on to win that game at dodger stadium. the a's made it official they removed the interim tag from manager bob melvin who signed a new 3-year contract. melvin saw his team take a 2-1 lead to the 8th. rangers balance for on for brandon mccar think. ian kinsler makes it a 2-2 game. homer number 30 on the year for kinsler. after balfour had retired one batter josh hamilton did this. two swings of the bat the rangers s a 3-2 lead. >> that was the final as they reduce their magic number to 3. 49ers took a hit to the receiving core on sunday. braylon edwards left the game with a knee injury.
10:57 pm
he's under demonstrate a surgical procedure. another development after sunday's loss to the cowboys was the comment made by vernon davis after catching just a pair of passes for 18 yards davis said he thought the 9ers needed to get more players involved in the offense. he and jim harbaugh had a chat. >> i had him i thought we could have did better in the game. i pointed them out to him. so i was getting everybody involved. i mean everybody. all the playmakers we have. because that's what we need to win games. >> still 8-5 giants leading in the 9th. all right. if they can hang on joe thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> join the ktvu morning coverage we're always on live online.
10:58 pm
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